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Only in recent decades has it been rightly recognized what great importance most of the ants, which are colony-forming and spread across the planet, play especially as an aerator and hasher of the earth, and as a destroyer of countless forest and field pests. Ants are skilled diggers, are actively engaged as aphid-breeders, highwaymen, insect digesters and scavengers. They are the cleaning crew and street cleaners of nature.

Almost all ants are passionate sugar eaters. Their preference for sweets is the reason why red-back house ants (Lasius brunneus) also penetrate into buildings, and there nest inside of house beams and planks.

The fright every housewife is an ant trail that runs through parts of the living space.

The starting point of this trail must definitely be found and the cracks and holes then sealed. The track should be sprinkled with talcum or baby powder.

In the long run NESENSOHN insect protection frames or insect protection doors can be an environmentally friendly solution to the problem.