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Now you will probably and understandably ask yourself the question what correlation does insect protection have with a section in which articles should be expected which revolve around the topics of pornography, domination and sexuality or top offers from Beate Uhse?

Allow us to ask a counter-question:

How often have you been bitten by mosquitoes? Yes? - Congratulations!

Then you produce a great amount of sexual attractants and this in turn exerts a downright fascinating effect on our mosquitoes and magically attracts them. At least, this is what scientists in France and Finland discovered.

Our advice for people with sex appeal: Women, especially before and during ovulation, and men with high testosterone levels should a refreshing shower more often. This will protect against too many severe stinging attacks.

Our tip: Simply indulge yourself completely relaxed and undisturbed in the pleasures offered by this area of ​​life. But thereby protect yourself with NESENSOHN insect protection screens, doors or roller blinds by simply banishing these unwanted pests out of your private sphere for good, in an environmentally friendly manner.