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What insect protection have to do with mice?

Well - the domestic mouse can significantly impact human health. It can transmit pathogens and should not be underestimated in terms of their risk to human health and the quality of life.

With 59 subspecies, the domestic mouse inhabits all of Europe, North Africa, and through Siberia it has spread all the way to China and Japan. It is extremely heat-loving and only leaves the homes during dry and warm summers. In buildings it knows how to use every hiding place, and not infrequently takes possession of the entire house. It can be found in the basement, as well as in the attic and create a widespread network of secret passages, hiding places and nests. As a nimble, astute and prudent creature it almost always knows when it's time to hide.

If mice get into trouble or danger, they can demonstrate that they are also fast climbers, jumpers and hoppers. While doing this they do not act headless, but rather very devious, daring and cunning. They can very quickly realize in which houses they can only venture out of their hiding places under the cover of darkness and where they are tolerated sustainably.

If mice wouldn't have an entire army of natural enemies - they would rule the world. They mate throughout the entire year. Each female gives birth to five to six times per year, with the number of offsprings varying between 2-8 animals. The offsprings themselves are ready for reproduction after only 8 - 10 weeks. Mice have such a strong willingness to live and are adaptable to such an extent that they will surely survive all other mammals, including humans.

Nothing is safe from their teeth. They gnaw through walls, doors, furniture as well as as books, snack on meats and cheeses, bread and flour, bacon and fat, appreciate not only grains and fruit but also all kinds of sweets and jams, they lick milk and fruit juices, and love to collect provisions.

Their right to exist is undisputed, as they are an important link in the food chain of many animals. However, humans should protect their food from them in a simple but yet effective manner, with a bite-proof NESENSOHN protective grating on windows and doors.