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Only the females sting because they need the blood for their egg production.

Actually, they do not sting. Their stinger which is equipped with barbed hooks rather saws through the skin down to a blood vessel. With the suction pipe which is located inside the stinger, taps into animal blood and thereby spits it into the opening. Thus, the coagulation of the blood is prevented. And it's not the actual sting that causes the discomfort for the victims. It's rather the saliva of the animal that causes the hives and itching.

Mosquitoes have a highly developed sense of smell. They can even recognize their preferred blood group. Fair-skinned people are more attractive than dark-skinned. Women usually have to suffer more from bites than men. Mosquitoes navigate according to odors such as sweat or urine and follow the scent trail all the way to the unsuspecting victim. Quickly, often within seconds, there is a spontaneous reaction. A red area develops around the bite. 10 to 24 hours after the bite is an itchy and reddened swelling will develop. The sting hurts and is associated with intense itching sensation. This is usually the start of the "scratching" which poses the risk of an infection.

Help in case of stings

  • rubbing with fresh tomato leaves
  • the simple and almost everywhere practiced rubbing with urine
  • rubbing the area to be treated with an onion half for 2 minutes
  • rubbing the swelling with a halved clove of garlic
  • hash and apply a narrowleaf plantain
  • crush an aspirin tablet, mix it with saliva and apply to the bite

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