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Poison for your health and the environment

Chemical substances in pesticides still pose a risk to our health and are a burden on our already ailing environment.

Under no circumstances are they harmless to humans and domestic animals, as the advertising always tries to make us believe. Therefore, make sure that you avoid it:

"It's a plague for man and the environment”!

  • To date, the indoor air is polluted to a greater extent than the outdoor air. The use of chemical agents, such as evaporators, strips, sprays, testing agents, represents an additional burden and poses enormous risks:
  • Commercially available agents for indoor use are, with a few exceptions, not required to be approved.
  • Especially indoors very high room air concentrations can build up due to a degasification of certain substances which can harm us under long-term exposure.
  • The active compounds can be absorbed by wallpaper, books, furniture, carpets, plastics and then discharged time-delayed over very long periods of time, so that a decontamination (detoxification) of the living spaces becomes impossible.
  • The decomposition of the active compounds indoors is much slower than outdoors.
  • Children and sick people are especially sensitive to toxins, sometimes up to 100,000 times as sensitive compared to healthy adults. And they are the group of people which dwells indoors especially long.

It doesn't always have to be all-out chemical warfare right away! An effective solution is the insect protection system from NESENSOHN with its numerous variation options, a high durability, and very high demands towards aesthetics as well as the environment.