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If we humans knew the extent in which we are surrounded by countless spiders form all sides, in how many millions they inhabit every single piece of land in the forest and field, lawn and garden, city and country, prairie and marsh, then our fear of these harmless as well as useful creatures would probably be even greater.

But the reality is: no animal species is nearly as widespread and as populous as the spider, of which we know about 30,000 species to date. And if we know that they are geared to catch the insects, it can easily be assessed what invaluable allies they represent for us.

It may sound like an exaggeration at first, when researchers expressed the opinion that the insects would have ruled the earth long ago, if there wouldn't be any spiders. But the probability is very high. For example, for England it has been calculated that the annual amount of insects which are destroyed by the spiders weighs more than the entire human population of the British Isles. And England is not even the most spider-rich country.

Spiders are perceived by many people as repulsive, and arachnophobia is also widespread.

Nevertheless, their usefulness is undisputed. We can protect the human habitat against spiders keeping them contained within their natural habitat with NESENSOHN spider screens on windows and doors.