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A large group of the Hymenoptera within the subordination of the Aculeates are formed by the many, many thousands of species of wrinkle, grave, path, dagger and gold wasps which are spread throughout the entire planet.

Wasps are characterized by a highly developed brood care and astounding artistic skills. Many wasps are highly predatory creatures themselves indeed feed on nectar and pollen, but almost exclusively feed their larvae with insects, their larvae and spiders. Therefore, in the insect world of nature they represent an important and regulating factor. They also play a significant role as pollinators. But they are also responsible for the transmission of putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria onto our food. All females have a poisonous stinger. Wasps are more aggressive than bees. Their sting is dangerous and painful.

Severe systemic reactions to wasp stings are not uncommon. Each year about 20 people die due to wasp stings in the Federal Republic of Germany. Several hundred patients are exposed to mortal danger every year, and are often only saved at the last moment. There are people who develop an allergy against the toxic substances and then demonstrate shock reactions.

There is a distinction between the four degrees of severity for a general allergic reaction:

slight general reaction:

Nausea, indisposition, anxiety, generalized itching, partially hives

moderate reaction:

In addition, congestion in the chest and disabled exhalation, strong abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

severe general reaction:

In addition to the aforementioned symptoms dizziness, severe weakness and fear of death occur. The language is blurred, severe shortness of breath.

Shock reaction:

Unconsciousness, collapse, blood pressure drop. Urine and stool are excreted randomly.

In general, who are older than 30 years of age are more severely impacted. On the one hand this is due to the intensity of the shock-like antigen-antibody reaction, and on the other hand due to the fact that younger people have a more resilient cardiovascular system. 99 percent of the deaths are attributed to an allergic reaction, only every hundredth victim dies due to wasp sting poisoning.

Relief and old home remedies for wasp stings are:

  • rubbing with fresh tomato leaves
  • the simple and almost everywhere practiced rubbing with urine
  • rubbing the area to be treated with an onion half for 2 minutes
  • rubbing the swelling with a halved clove of garlic
  • hash and apply a narrowleaf plantain
  • crush an aspirin tablet, mix it with saliva and apply to the bite

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