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Light well cover - protects your basement from insects and dirt

Light wells to the basement, utility and hobby rooms are all too often a collection area for insects, leaves and debris. But, it doesn't have to be like this.

Neher light well covers can be walked upon easily and safely, and will ensure that creepy crawlies and dirt remain on the outside - sturdy, stylish, slip as well as break-resistant.

So that you can spend your time with more pleasant activities than with the cleaning of polluted light wells.


The classic: Stylish design and a reliable sealing through a stainless steel mesh. With a flexible metal mesh it is even accessible with a vehicle if it's mounted on a suitable light well grating.


Rain-proof with a highly transparent, slip-resistant and shatter-resistant polycarbonate plate as well as an insect-proof ventilation box.


The flush-fitting replacement for the existing grating, as a complete element for mounting into the light well. Optional securing with a sturdy snap hook, chain or quick release lock for escape routes.


The elegant Terresa for use on wooden decks allows a flat, non-slip access and is laid into the opening.