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The exclusive alternative.

ELSA is pure aesthetics.

ELSA will completely replace your old light well cover. Let yourself be amazed by the aesthetics and functionality that ELSA offers.

High load capacity.

The flush, ground-level solution, not just for the patio area. This exclusive alternative is installed into the light well as a replacement for your existing grating in the form of a complete element.

Through the use of high quality materials such as stainless steel mesh, the rugged aluminum profile and the fiberglass-reinforced grating, the ELSA is able to withstand even extreme climatic conditions.

Useful and convenient - a clean light well. This will make airing a fun chore again - even in the basement, because the light well cover from NESENSOHN covers all light wells without any gaps. No matter if they are made of plastic or concrete, whether they are in right angles or slanted, or with a direct connection or window opening.

The flush, ground-level solution, not just suited for the patio area. The optional protection against lifting-out is carried out in such a way that it is invisible from the outside.