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Durable protection.

Even when it rains.

With RESi with your light well will have a completely new functionality. The ventilation functions for the basement area and the light transmittance will of course be maintained. With RESi you will receive an additional insect protection and a rain-proof cover. The beautiful appearance is a free extra.

Useful and convenient - a clean light well. This will make airing a fun chore again - even in the basement, because the light well cover from NESENSOHN covers all light wells without any gaps. No matter if they are made of plastic or concrete, whether they are in right angles or slanted, or with a direct connection or window opening.

Very flat profiles with circumferential brush holder for the floor and wall areas. With an outward sloping profile which offers a connection option for an additional vertical frame. A durable and flexible connection to the grating through a rain-proof screw connection.

The highly transparent and slip-proof polycarbonate makes the light shaft rain-proof. The ventilation element with the pre-specified flow cross-section is easy to clean through its exchangeable stainless steel mesh.