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The Plissee

Space-saving, easy-to-use and secure.

With its unconventional appearance, the Plissee insect protection is reminiscent of sun protection pleats. It does not require a swivel range and can be used in a space-saving manner. The Plissee is highly weather resistant, easy-to-use and barrier free. It owes its name to the pleating (folding) of the sturdy screen-fabric.

Nesensohn insect protection Plissee overview:

A simple installation and easy operation even on large lift-sliding doors (also 2-leaf elements which can be up to 3.4 m wide and 2.6 m heigh).

Optional mounting frame system for a flexible adaptation to any installation.

No tilting and the maximum degree of stability through integrated tension cords made from the extremely tear-resistant Vectran material.

A modern appearance through chain links with an only 4 mm high guiding, that disappear in the aluminum frame profile when not in use.

Your specialized Nesensohn dealer will gladly consult you regarding the best suited insect protection Plissee as an especially attractive fly-screen variant.

Plissee operation