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Roller-blinds for windows

Sometimes open, sometimes closed - any way you prefer. The NESENSOHN roller-blind with an insect protection screen, can be implemented very flexibly and offers a sensationally innovative technology.
Our consulting representative will be more than happy to show you the - as we must say - brilliant technological details of the NESENSOHN roller-blind.
Insect protection only when you need it. A distinctive eyecatcher with a high demand towards a durable functionality. A development that was created with passion.

Innovative technology:
Side-mounted brush guides prevent unthreading of the screen-fabric under windy conditions. The simultaneously adjustable spring force allows for the self-locking drawbar to stop by itself at any desired position. Through the service panel the spring force of the roller-blind RF4 can be readjusted or the screen-fabric exchanged even in the installed state. The inclination adjustment of the shaft and the unraveling guides ensure that the screen-fabric is always parallel and stretched tightly.

Window roller-blind operation

Roller-blind - adjusting the spring force

Roller-blind - lock release