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Rotating frame for windows

Rotating frames for windows are able to handle any installation situation, even in your home. We offer insect protection system rotating-frame for windows that can be opened inwards and outwards. Even the assembly onto the window frame, in the rabbet clearance or directly into the wall can be easily implemented.

Technical details of the insect protection system:

High stability despite a low installation depth through specially designed arc contour profiles, multi-chamber angles and sound insulated kick-plate. Multi-function channel for brush seals, sound absorbing magnetic tape lock and adjustable 2-point hinges. Perfection in detail by NESENSOHN.

Rotating frame for windows operation

Rotating frame for doors

We call it a rotating frame. You will receive a rugged and reliable insect protection door. Our insect protection systems have proven themselves thousands of times, and they are perfectly suitable for all balcony and patio doors.

A further technical highlight:

The optionally available door closer - designed with a special gas pressure cylinder, which is accommodated in the frame profile. A charming piece of technology, which will provide a perfect comfort for your home.

Insect protection systems from NESENSOHN are a custom-made - because that's the only way to achieve a perfect protection against insects. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. Our consultants will present a perfect solution to you on-site.

Rotating frame doors operation