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Polltec pollen protection

Pollen must remain outside!

Millions of allergic people suffer from pollinosis every year. To at least have some relief from this that night within your own home, you can now rely on Polltec.

If you are fed up with the annual pollen harassment, Nesensohn has the perfect solution for you: Polltec pollen protection screen-fabric for allergy sufferers.

This fly-screen with the precision crafted Polltec protective fabric keeps your sleeping environment almost completely free of pollen. Pollen remain outside and you can finally breathe freely again.

Nesensohn Polltec pollen protection screen-fabric overview:

  • Reliable protection against more than 99% of the grass and birch pollen, and more than 90% of fine pollen grains such as ragweed or nettle.
  • Approx. three times higher air permeability than conventional pollen protection screen-fabric.
  • Highest tightness through customized manufacturing and precision assembly into Neher insect protection screen frames which have proven themselves millions of times.
  • Awarded the ECARF quality seal for certified protection
  • Double protection against pollen and insects