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The almost invisible insect protection!

With the award-winning Transpatec mesh for insect protection screens, sets new standards in comparison to conventional screen-fabrics: More transparency and light transmission, a much better air permeability, and high tear and puncture resistance make Transpatec an absolute highlight within the Nesensohn product range.

The novelty: Transpatec insect protection screens are virtually invisible and will therefore maintain the appearance of your windows and doors - from the inside as well as from the outside.

Nesensohn Transpatec insect protection screen-fabric overview:

  • Brilliant opacity from the inside and outside through super-fine, patented high-tech filaments (├ś 0.13 mm) combined with an innovative weaving technique.
  • Optimal insect protection through smaller mesh openings than standard screen-fabrics.
  • A higher light transmission of the fly-screens thanks to extremely thin filaments.
  • An up to 140% higher air flow than conventional screen-fabrics due to the reduced fabric surface and the unique fabric structure which only creates minimal air turbulences.
  • A high weather resistance, stability and longevity with high-tech filaments and a patented weaving technique with a binding thread.
  • Transpatec is suitable for all fly-screens as well as mounting frames for windows, roller-blinds, swinging doors and revolving frames for doors and windows as well as sliding systems.