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Swinging doors with an insect protection screen

A true alternative to the rotating frame. Characterized by its stability, it closes smoothly and is extremely rugged.

The swinging door can be opened by applying a gentle force, and after a few back-and-forth motions the insect protection will automatically be closed. Through a specially designed frame profile and a new shaft neck technique, the swinging door provides a particularly rugged stability and an exceptionally long service life.

With the opening angle of 120 degrees, it is a masterpiece of design which also closes automatically - a really convenient appliance.

By the way: The insect screen swinging door is ideal if you have a lot of through traffic, for example, on the terrace. With an insulation depth of 14 millimeters, the swinging door will fit into nearly all types of doors.

Swinging door operation

Swing door unhinging

Swinging door - operated by a dog